Rare quality in politicians

In response to Dale Dirks' letter "Recording was illegal," I would point out the following:

It is legal to record a conversation in Canada, specifically ones related to concerns over workplace performance or where there is a dispute in the workplace and the employee wants to have an exact record of what was said.  

However, can you make the recording without the other person knowing? The simple answer to that question is yes, but only if the following apply: 

  • You are a participant in the conversation and consent to the conversation being recorded.
  • You are an employee, not acting as a member of management. 
  • You were intended to receive the communication.

In this case, I do believe all of the above apply.

Dirks makes reference to attorney-client privilege, but that does not apply here as it was not a client who called her. 

No, Justin Trudeau is simply upset because he was caught in a lie and needs to own it.

In my opinion, this whole issue sheds light on Trudeau’s lack of integrity, and he needs to go.

Although I have never been fond of the Liberals and their perpensity to squander our tax dollars, I could be swayed if Ms. Wilson-Raybould became the party leader, as she has shown us all what integrity looks like.

A rare thing with politicians these days, in my opinion.

Ken Quesnel

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