Who really broke the rules?

I would like to know who was really breaking election rules.

The one calling the debate or the one not taking part? How else will members or the public make informed decisions? How is it considered living in a democratic country? 

As far as I understand, membership for nomination closed on March 9, so both candidates were out selling memberships leading up to that. Renee Wasylyk held many meet and greets and attended events. Tracy Gray was door knocking and phone calling, she was not seen out very much. 

What puzzled me was that I bought my membership in January as a Renee supporter at one of her meet and greet events. I was told that my information would not be shared to anyone else except the national office.

But by Feb. 23, I was getting phone calls from Tracy's team, mail outs to our house and then door knocking. I was not the only one, others say.

After March 9, membership closed and both candidates received a list of all members. How did they get the list early? Somehow, there is a breach of election law, I presume. So who is breaking the rules here? 

Shelly Baker

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