No more Band Aid fixes

Once again this year the Eldorado boat launch is a total silted in mess, same as the last four or five years.

Again this year, the City of Kelowna will shut down one of the few remaining boat launches in Kelowna so they can dredge it. Just in time for the start of boating season.

Simple question of the day is why doesn't the city do the job of repairing the launch right, once and for all. A one-time cost would be cheaper in the long run instead of spending several million over several years.   

The city is feeding us the same song and dance they have been trying to feed Kelowna taxpayers for the last five years about the silt coming down from Mission Creek and how they are trying to work with stakeholders in solving the problem. 

Same old story about provincial permits, and they will have to close launch for about a month just in time for boating season once they manage to get that permit.

They have had five years to work with both local stakeholders and the province in correcting the problem.

The area around the Eldorado has been silting for thousands of years. Maybes it's time some in City Hall are held accountable instead of every year applying a Band Aid fix.

Jim Sutherland, Kelowna

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