Stop signs for a reason

There are stop signs for a reason. They are not there to remind you to stop; they are there to tell you to stop.

I live near the busy three-way Baron and Ziprick intersection in Kelowna. 

There are three stop signs, and the crosswalk is frequently used by pedestrians, usually kids. Very often, children walk to and from the park/school nearby.

When we have cars speeding past the stop signs, it could be potentially fatal to anyone crossing. 

Every day I drive up to the three-way stop and make sure to come to a complete stop.

I looked left, then right, and then, when it was my turn to proceed, a car came speeding from the right and turned the corner without slowing down.

Another example is when you don’t come to a complete stop. You don’t have the right of way. The car that stops first has the right of way. 

The car could have hit a pedestrian or myself. I use this intersection three or four times a day, to and from work, and lunch. It is dangerous, and I think a red flashing light would help, before we end up with someone seriously hurt.

We need to enforce the rules of the road in neighborhoods, especially school zones.

The sight lines are very good. In this case, Ziprick is a through street, so I’m not sure why there is even a stop sign there. It practically invites motorists to breeze through. 

I hope this letter brings some insight, and maybe some more policing to the area during peak times.

Kyle Gray

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