It's all about greed

I applaud Kelowna city council (something I don’t often do) with at least trying to regulate short-term rentals.

Say what you want about apps like Airbnb or Homeaway, but the bottom line remains the same, it’s all about money. Just because the internet enables something to take place doesn’t mean it should.

What ever happened to bylaws?

When most people purchase a property in a single-family neighbourhood, they expect it to remain so, not become a hotel district with their neighbours turning their places into hotels.

I wonder what would happen if hotel chains started popping up on every street in residential neighbourhoods.

I have many, many friends doing this because it is so lucrative, some even in condo’ where bylaws prohibit it – but they continue because the revenue outweighs the fines.

I have heard horror stories of parties and parking problems, one stagette that had nine vehicles parked on the street for days on end.

Airbnb is not a non-profit, they are in it for the money – and so are the people doing it, even though some will try to somehow spin it into a necessity for the economy. Do you really think they care about what that does to the long-term rental market, which is vital to the economy? Nope, it’s simply about greed, in my opinion.

Ken Quesnel, Kelowna

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