Can we save our salmon?

I read the article claiming B.C. salmon need our help.

It states: "Despite billions of dollars in public and private investments over the past 30 years to protect, restore, enhance, and manage, B.C.'s wild salmon, the stocks continue to weaken at an alarming rate.”

Gee, how much of the problem can be directly related to the fact that our brainless politicians decided to allow commercial fish farms to be established directly on migratory routes of the wild salmon?

These have been a major source of spreading disease and parasites. And to add to the insanity, most if not all of said farms are owned by foreign companies.

To the idiots who first allowed this to happen and the rest of the elected politicians who have allowed it to continue for decades, good on you, job well done, enjoy that pension you so much deserve. I understand that recently there have been talks of closing the farms down.

Will the companies that were allowed to run these farms be on the hook for any of the damages done to one of our greatest resources? I very much doubt it. Just add it on to the never ending bill the taxpayers of B.C. will get stuck with because of political incompetence.

Steve Winser Penticton

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