Half-baked non-apology

Is the PM’s half-baked public non-apology for criminal intervention sufficient?

We all have heard how Prime Minister Trudeau, Finance Minister Morneau and several other officials of the Trudeau government tried for several weeks to coerce Canada’s former attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to secretly change her decision to not defer an ongoing criminal investigation involving corruption by chief executives of SNC-Lavalin.

These executives have a long history of corruption. If found guilty of the current charges, the company could be shut down for 10 years. An estimated 9,000 jobs could be affected, over 3,500 in Quebec. 

Shutdown of SNC-Lavalin could be politically devastating for Trudeau and his Liberal government. Therefore, he and several of his top advisers, according to Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s sworn testimony, tried to coerce her to change her mind and defer the charges against the company. 

Wilson-Raybould refused to capitulate to the pressure from the PM and members of his cabinet. Suddenly, she was removed as attorney general.  

After being removed from office, she was severely criticized by cabinet members in an attempt to discredit anything she might have to say. She was not allowed to speak about the matter for several weeks. Only after much public outcry did the PMO allow her voice to be heard.   

In a national announcement after her explanation of the matter, the PM claimed that Raybould’s release was planned prior to this incident and had nothing to do with her decision to not defer the criminal investigation of LNC-Lavalin. Canadians with half a brain know that is a lie.

The PM did not admit any wrongdoing, even though Wilson-Raybould had detailed every action of possible criminal coercion that took place. Rather, he passed off what appears to be the criminality of himself and his cabinet members as a non-event, claiming a “misunderstanding” between himself and Wilson-Raybould. He and others involved in this scandalous action were only trying to “save jobs.”  

This matter needs to be fully investigated.

Garry Rayner, West Kelowna

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