Export GHG commitments

Refining bitumen in Alberta, close to where it is mined, is the most efficient way to capitalize on this resource.

And it will employ Albertans in high-quality jobs.

But it will generate high levels of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases. This increase will surely violate Canada’s commitment made at the 2018 Paris Climate Accord to reduce our GHG emissions. 

A convenient way to deal with this increase is to export bitumen to be refined in countries that have not signed on to the accord (eg. the U.S.) or will simply flout any obligations to meet their commitments. 

I think this is a significant motivator for the federal government and Alberta to promote the export of bitumen. This thinking overrides the inherent inefficiencies of dilution (dilbit) and transportation through challenging B.C. terrain and fragile marine habitats. 

S. Burke

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