Meat helped man survive

Re: the letter If it's Meat it's not Humane

I would like to remind the writers that they descend from a long line of successful hunters. For centuries, the human race has survived and evolved via survival of the fittest. Part of that was the successful hunter/gatherers who sustained their families with a full diet, which included meat.

If you look at the history of mankind's food choices, you will never see in history books that "so-and-so's family came from a long line of vegetarians." Our ancestors were super-predators, with meat eating being highly prized and used as a key survival strategy. 

Some cultures even had celebrations surrounding hunting parties, with days or even weeks-long preparations. Some of us still do today.

Yes, 21st century descendants now have access to more choices and can successfully live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. The modern pleasures of a grilled steak may well be trumped by the health and environmental benefits of going vegan – and if the animals got a vote, they’d agree. But saying no to meat today does not mean that your genes and your history don’t continue to give it a loud Yes.

Those of us who choose to follow that genetic, cultural and evolutionary call, should not be belittled or berated for such choices. You cannot shove your anti-meat agenda down a carnivore's throat with any more success than Trump could have convincing people he isn't racist. 

We now have a more open, free society with freedom of choice like we've never had before. And most cultures and their populations choose to continue to eat meat. 

Where does one draw the line between a cow and a dog? Some cultures/countries don't.

The line seems to be drawn at the point where society feels an animal is domestic (to live in your home as a beloved pet) or a resource. And that has been defined through history for each culture. 

Please take a moment to thank your ancestors before bed for being successful hunters – without them you may not be here! 

Bethany Wright 

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