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Valley2Summit Cleaning and Big White Spa have performed cleaning and hot tub services for us at Big White Ski Resort since they opened there. 

The housekeeping has never missed a cleaning date and always confirmed a new booking with us. We have never received a complaint from a guest that our condo was not clean.

On the contrary, our guests have gone out of their way to thank us for delivering a beautifully clean condo for their ski vacation.

Housekeeping has gone above and beyond the call of duty by informing us if there was a lack of supplies, broken item or something out of the ordinary. They have alway communicated with us in a cheerful manner regardless of how their day was going. 

Big White Spa has offered us consistent, reasonable rates with professionalism while dealing with our hot tub and the guests who use it. Often, it is the case we do not meet our guests, and Big White Spa becomes the face and personality of  our rental property.

We have never received a complaint from a guest about the quality of our hot tub services. Big White Spa has performed efficient start up and shut downs of our hot tub, reducing the costs and possibilities of freeze up damages in such a cold environment. 

Billing has been honest, professional and consistent. I want to thank Paul and his crew for the years of service and the important part they played in helping us operate a successful rental property. 

After 11 years of condo ownership, we are thankful for having been introduced to Paul and Christian and wish them well.

Marc Johnson

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