Who you calling a leader?

Re: the letter What about our leader?

Well, the letter is dead on, however, one word is definitely not. Justin Trudeau is anything but a leader.

The number of days he has not embarrassed himself and our country is still at zero.

He is very good at giving money away that does not belong to him, but other than that, he is nothing more than a clown, and an arrogant one on top of it.

Since there isn't anything good to say about him, you can't really blame the media for not writing anything, because they are about to be paid by him, indirectly.

And since he said that Quebecers are better than all other Canadians, I suggest he moves to Quebec and stays there.

Maybe Western Canada should stop supporting Quebec with money, and then maybe they would wake up and see what they have with him.

Roger von Dach

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