Mail 99%, tax the 1%

We returned home from holidays to find speculation tax pamphlets in the mail.

I just have to say, I have seen some crazy government initiatives over the years, but this has to be about the stupidest so far.

Not saying the spec tax is right or wrong, but could we find a more expensive and inefficient way to do it?

“Won’t affect 99 per cent of residents” ... so let’s get the 99 per cent to do the declaration?

Anyone have any idea how much it costs to send these colour brochures out?  

Oh, and multiple brochures to each household since everyone on title has to declare?

Seriously, it is time for change in this province. They honestly thought it was OK to use smiley and sad faces on this brochure? It would be one thing if it was a government the province actually voted for and put in power, but we didn’t. 

The NDP government has created this administrative nightmare, ticked off large municipalities, caused a major uproar, killed the tourism and construction industries in the so-called affected communities – all because they want to collect taxes from less than one per cent of the B.C. population? Wow!

Angela Gray

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