Canada is the best!

Re: the letter What about our leader?

Thomas James McLuskey writes: "Our country is in a bad way and needs our government to do something about these problems, not ignore them.''

What planet does he live on? Canada is a paradise compared to almost any country – especially Trumpland that has become so racist, it's out of control with the buffoon in charge.

Canada is the  No. 1 ranked country in the world for quality of life, according to a study that broke down 80 countries’ overall rankings based on 75 different metrics.

Beyond quality of life study, Canada has an overall rating of 9.9. In other studies, we rank fourth overall for citizenship, seventh in business and entrepreneurship, 11th in cultural influence, 12th in power, 18th in adventure, 32nd in up-and-coming economy, and 40th in heritage. 

I love living in Canada and kiss the ground every time I get back from traveling to another country.

Thomas must be listening to the fear mongering of Andrew Scheer, who does nothing but criticize Trudeau. It must be an election year.

R. St. Martin, Lake Country

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