Our mayor as chief

There are many things people "want" from the leaders of the community, but are these the best or right things to have or do?

The community of Penticton looks to Mayor John Vassilaki, as our chief over the collective City of Penticton, councillors, staff, planners, engineers, etc. – to give direction and make better decisions.

One example is regarding the operation of a marina at Skaha Lake.

Since a tender for a marina operator has already gone out without seeking input from the Parks Advisory Committee, and other sizeable citizens groups, ie. Save Skaha, Protect Penticton Parks, and Penticton Citizens First, I am hoping the mayor will be seeing to it that:

  • This area at Skaha Lake is the best place for a marina operation
  • The priority for a marina is to be safety for people, and protection of the environment, riparian and salmon development in Skaha Lake
  • An operator could meet all the requirements from the province to have a sub-licence of occupation
  • When applicable, that federal approval is sought

I would appreciate assurance that our Chief John is taking care of all these matters.

Hannah Hyland, Penticton

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