Where is your heart?

Re: Al Little's boot camp letter

I served 34 years in our military. We have a first-class military, and their job is to support our government in what ever event government chooses.  

We stand for democracy, and to surmise you think so lowly of those who are down and out for whatever reason, tells me you are either ignorant of what the military is all about or have not a clue as to the causes of our homeless, many of which are ex-military and suffer from PTSD.

Do you have any idea what it is like to place another human being in harm's way?  

The homeless are often on pain killing or mood enhancing drugs to barely get through each day, and you think they would be better off in the military, or the military would be better off with them?  

How do you start the decline into complete despair regardless of your background and then clean yourself up?

Where is your heart for your fellow human being?

Dale Dirks, Kelowna

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