Taxis way too expensive

The culinary championships at The Grand was great.

Good food, a nice wine and a very modern feel to the ballroom. The chefs contest was, in my mind, a real success.

As drinks are involved on such a night, we used a taxi to and from the event. The fare from Black Mountain to the Grand was $40 one way and $39 the other. The difference being which road you take.

I was in Vancouver recently and needed a taxi from Boundary Road (edge of Burnaby) to Granville and Broadway. That taxi ride was $21, in traffic. That's about twice as far as our ride in Kelowna.

I have never lived a place or visited a place like Kelowna where cab rides are so ridiculously expensive.

I am told that the fares are government regulated, which in part explains the rip-off. The government has obviously jumped into bed with the cab companies to garner a few votes. They all wish to keep Uber and Ride Share out of the province while making as much money as possible.

What an obvious bit of collusion that is.

Once again, the people suffer so the suits can profit. I can't wait until we get an option for competitive taxi rides, and it would be a really good election topic.

Steve Butler

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