Hit the nail on the head

Thank you to Peter Bihun for your tongue in cheek, sarcastic letter about our city council, “They bought it last time.” 

Peter, you hit the nail on the head. 

Taxpayers who took the trouble to go to City Hall and speak about their concerns were totally ignored. Mayor Basran alternately sat and yawned or stood up and stretched for the first couple of hours. Then became motivated when support for the project was presented. 

Obviously council did not come to this meeting with an open mind and prepared to make any compromises or adjustments. Many taxpayers expressed their approval of a dry facility to assist the homeless. The main objection is the approval of using illegal drugs on site. 

Several of the seniors who spoke had health issues or mobility problems. Even so, they made an effort to attend to ensure that their views would be recorded. So much for that idea. Their concerns were quickly dismissed. 

The Journey Home strategy of allowing addicts to use illegal drugs in the new facility is then applauded. No treatment on site, minimal supervision, free rent for life. 

Problems with this type of facility are already emerging. Thefts, vandalism and harassment are already happening. 

The only solution for addicts and alcoholics is to stop using. They need treatment and rehabilitation programs. 
Instead of the Leon Avenue area being the main source of issues, many similar “wet” facilities are planned, they now will be spread out into quiet residential areas throughout the city. 

Peter you wrote, “What is more important, city taxpayers or people who drift into our city looking for handouts? The opposition will now know not to waste city time by trying stop such important developments right next door in their neighbourhood.”

We didn’t buy it last time, hopefully most residents don’t buy it next time. 

Wet facilities. Coming to your area soon!

Joanna Blacklock, Kelowna

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