Send 'em off to boot camp

There are a few of us baby boomers who are sick and tired of listening to the continual rhetoric about the plight of the homeless.

In my day, to be on welfare was a stigma no one wanted. Today, it seems an easy way out for those whose parents are too strict or just plain lazy.

Rather than enable this group with wet houses, free needles and, no doubt, Skip the Dishes accounts, we should provide a free trip to those 18-40 years old (all genders) to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu ,Que.

For the uninformed, that is the Canadian Forces boot camp.

Our PM informs us that our forces are in severe need of recruits. What better way is there to break an addiction,  than a strict regime of getting up early, physical training, labour requirements and penalties for non-performance ... just like a job!

I was down at the waterfront last July 1 when that poor fellow was stabbed to death on the front steps of City Hall. I was parked about a half block away.

When I asked a bus driver what all the police presence was about, I was shocked by his rather blunt answer. "Oh, just another stabbing."

Are you kidding? Time to take back our city!

Al Little, Kelowna

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