Misguided, unconscionable

Calls ramp up for decriminalized hard drugs ... What calls? NDP calls, of course.

More NDP strategy to further coddle and enable those who disregard our provincial and federal laws – namely, the homeless illicit drug addicts.

More lies, deception, and stonewalling? That's a game plan British Columbians are keenly aware of, as in Crown corporation BC Housing's "housing first, harm reduction" wet facility projects that enable illicit drug using and trafficking.
This is a social philosophy that believes in housing homeless addicts without them consenting to treatment. Treatment is voluntary. Illicit drug using on property is allowed, with no medical personnel on site.
Much Canadian and American general information is available for this philosophy. Less so for empirical data to show it actually works.
In B.C., this philosophy has recklessly evolved to the next level, such as putting wet housing into residential neighbourhoods without collaboration with the taxpaying residents of those neighbourhoods.
At what cost? Introducing danger and insecurity to residential neighbourhoods, even a predominantly senior neighbourhood in Kelowna. As one can imagine, much public protest ensues. 
Strengthening neighbourhoods should be the goal, not introducing them to a world of drug using and trafficking. It pits vulnerable against vulnerable, causing more harm than good.  
Wherever BC Housing takes this philosophy, chaos is sure to follow. We've seen examples in Maple Ridge, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria, Parksville, and Kelowna. 

A 2017 Auditor General of B.C. audit of BC Housing found significant lack of documentation, value for money, asset maintenance issues, and long-term sustainability doubts. Another disturbing discovery was BC Housing's refusal to provide information regarding benefits, risks, and costs.

After new NDP government was formed in 2017, the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts met on Jan. 31, 2018, to question the audit. Questions were refused answers, claiming public interest immunity. 
This may be why so many of us have consistently been in receipt of lies, deception, and stonewalling.

Taxpayers will continue to pay in full for the folly of a misguided, unconscionable philosophy.

Gordon and Janet Brooks, Kelowna

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