Always gotta complain

I don't shop at Costco now and doubt that I will if they move to West Kelowna, but I'm so sick and tired of the "bridge traffic" complaints from people who live in Kelowna and don't use it every day.

Seriously, it's a really lame excuse and this "old bridge mentality" needs to die.

I live close to Two Eagles Golf Course and I drive into Kelowna and back five days a week for work.

I drive in and out during "rush hour." It takes me 15 minutes in the morning and another 15-20 minutes in the evening.

Sure, if the weather is bad, it can take longer, but that would be the same on any route, as it should be.

How about this for an idea – don't plan to go to Costco during "rush hour" and you'll drive over unimpeded in minutes. Unless, of course, everyone from Kelowna co-ordinates their Costco visits at the exact same time, it will take you longer to find a parking spot.

This is such a non-issue it's hilarious, but I guess people need to complain about something. 

John West, West Kelowna

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