Would you drink this water?

I have lived in four different provinces and spent a fair amount of time in the rest. I have never encountered water as poor as it is here.

The Okanagan has the nastiest water I have ever had the displeasure to use, consume and wash with.

I have to flush our hot water tank four to six times a year. The sediment, calcium and lime that comes out each time could fill a four-litre jug. It rots and clogs the pipes, it tastes gross, and you are lucky if it isn't under a boil water advisory.

West Kelowna is just as bad as Vernon and Kelowna. Westbank/West Kelowna residents have been under boil water alerts or advisories for over half a decade. Yet they keep trying to blame the lack of action on the feds, then on the province, and yet they somehow seem to find money for the things they want that aren't needed.

On Oct. 1, this is what the water right out of the tap looked like.

When this picture was taken, the former mayor said the water was "safe to consume." This is not an isolated incident, it happens six or more times a year (at least for the last three that I have been keeping track).

Would you accept this? 

D. McIntyre, West Kelowna

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