Discouraging decision

Obviously, the Costco decision-makers don't live in Kelowna/West Kelowna or have ever attempted to manoeuvre the accident-prone bridge.

To travel over to the Westside, you generally just throw the dice up in the air, as it is always a gamble. Scheduling to avoid the disastrous congestion at certain times of the day is never easy. I moved from the Westside because of that frustration.

I know so many people living in Kelowna who won't ever travel to the Westside unless they are heading out of town, just because of the traffic frustration.

Has the city even considered how much business it will lose? Don't they realize, those people who do travel to shop at the Kelowna Costco are also shopping other stores while they are here and frequenting many restaurants as well. 

People will most definitely think twice about a long journey to the Westside. They will have to carefully consider if they want to pay extra gas, put extra mileage on their vehicles and have the frustration and personal time they will have to endure driving over to the Westside.

I heard hints about this Westside option months ago, but thought it would never ever happen, as the City of Kelowna would never want to lose any business and would be negotiating a good option for Costco to remain on the Kelowna side.

Get ready Superstore, the Costco decision to move will ensure you become the busiest outlet in Kelowna!

Jennifer Melwicks

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