We pay - and clean up

I was astounded to learn that last year Interior Health gave out almost 400,000 free needles to addicts. 

The addicts then use the needles and drop them wherever they happen to be. 

Even worse, addicts are able to walk in and pick up as many needles as they wish.  

Because there is no cost, they have no value, so they are tossed wherever. What is wrong with implementing a 'one needle out for one needle in' program?  

The safe injection sites are supposed to be the end all, be all to provide a pathway for the addicts to recovery.  Instead, addiction has become an epidemic.  

Now, some lucky addicts will be treated to a brand-new apartment, complete with drug use materials and a safe place to buy, sell and use their drug of choice.  

In what universe, does providing addicts with free supplies, a nice place to get their high on, and no worries about overdosing because assistance is close at hand, give them an incentive to get clean and sober?

So we taxpayers are paying – and please take the time to pick up and safely dispose of all the drug users' discarded needles. 

I do not approve of my tax dollars being spent enabling and assisting in self-destructive behaviour instead of quicker, easier access to rehab and mental health facilities.

V. Napora, West Kelowna

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