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Perhaps Mayor Basran and council should conduct a poll on what group the majority of voters belong to. I doubt the homeless and drug dependant carried you to another term. It is great to recognize and cater to our minorities, but they are a small percentage and I am sure most don’t patronize Costco. Council deviates almost daily from plans and zoning, but the Costco situation is just another in their list of epic fails.

Bruce Williams

Rumour in my area is that Kelowna expected Costco to pay for a new overpass within Kelowna boundaries, if Costco would stay on this side of the lake. 

Catherine Knox

We live in Vernon, and have been members over 20 years. West Kelowna location will benefit Peachland, Summerland and Penticton residents. Unfortunately for us, and I’m sure other members North of Lake Country, the extra drive time will deter us from using the new location. I hope Costco looks at building a store in the North Okanagan, to avoid losing members. 

Alan Renaud

Sadly, I am not happy with the move from Kelowna to West Kelowna. Kelowna’s location was convenient. As a busy working mom, I can’t always find the time to drive farther than needed. Most likely, I won’t be able to go as much as I would like too. This will also affect the type of membership one holds. 

Jennalee Schnurr

I believe that a Costco would better serve the South Okanagan if it were located in the Penticton area, as that would cover a larger purchasing area. I suppose West Kelowna would be better in that one doesn’t have to cross the bridge and fight your way through Kelowna, but I’d still vote for Penticton, if it were even being considered.

P. Douglas

Big mistake moving to the Westside, it will add greatly to bridge congestion. Huge loss of revenue for a very shortsighted Kelowna city council. Council should have done everything possible to keep Costco on this side of the bridge.

David Poersch

We live in Vernon, and my wife and I are seniors. We will be cancelling our Costco membership if the location is moved to the Westside. We do not feel that the additional travel time and travel costs would be worth it. We currently pay over $120 annually for membership. Admittedly, we will miss some of the products though.

Johnny Lysholm

We live in Lake Country, and our visits to Costco will certainly not be as frequent when/if they move to West Kelowna. We feel that Kelowna made a mistake in not allowing Costco to build in the airport area. We are sure that Costco will see a big change in their bottom line.

Gordon Joyce

Terrible idea! The bridge is a nightmare at most times. Costco would add to that. Love going to Costco, so will miss it, for sure.

Linda Fenrick

This is wonderful. Finally a Costco gas bar! Maybe now they’ll be some better gas prices here. Competition is wonderful! 

Judy Keegan

The only folks who complain about the bridge are the ones who never have to cross it. We who live on the Westside as a rule don’t complain. How about focusing on the positives this move will make – larger store, gas station, opening their market to those who live further south. Since Costco opened here, I have made the trip across the bridge and across town to Rutland and didn’t complain. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Suck it up, Kelowna, and enjoy the scenic drive. 

Laurie Munday

They need to keep the one they have now and build another in West Kelowna. The one on corner of Highways 33 and 97 also services the Kootenays. People come up 33 for their shopping. If you close that store, there will be a lot of congestion on the streets and bridge. Kelowna is going to continue to grow and is heading out towards Winfield as well. And Vernon is growing, so it's only time before they'll need one in that direction anyway.

Edna Pictin

I think it is great and necessary because Costco is far too small now compared to other Costcos in the region. This will be a great move and allow expansion, greater employment, and better facilities. A good move – thank you.

Ray Bouvier

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