Blessed to be Canadian

Always had an issue with The West Wants In.

This was a number of years ago, and I would ask “in what?" 

I've only lived in two provinces – Alberta and now British Columbia. Have done much travelling, and when asked where I was from, I always said, Canada. The name of the province came later.

I am a first generation Canadian. Lived under the Union Jack for years, but the time came for the flag we have now. Change is fine when needed, but some folks just want change for the sake of change.

When travelling, I wore my pin flag in full understanding of the country I am blessed to live in and to share what it means to be Canadian. Hopefully, this will never change, to show the world the unity we now have.

Work to build up that which takes the promise of tomorrows instead of being so petty everything starts chipping away and the legacy for children disappears.

I have visited countries that live that way.

Doreen McCaugherty

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