'Pure horse manure'

President Trump withdrew from the greenhouse climate agreement over a year ago. He does not believe it, yet the U.S. being a developed country has far more emissions than developing countries like India – 14 times as much.   

Andrew Scheer has been stirring up Canadians by saying Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax policies will push Canadians into poverty.   

At four per cent and at $1.20 per litre, it will be about one extra dollar per fill up, and in some provinces you will receive a refund greater than what you actually paid out.  

Scheer is telling Canadians they are obtuse (slow to understand) and insulting Western Canadians, his power base. So let's blame Justin.  

Most climate scientists agree the problem is burning fossil fuels, and it is killing Earth.  

If only 50 per cent of the scientists were right, this should give us pause to do something – and that is what Justin is trying to do.  

I don't think anyone would get into a car driving from Kelowna to Calgary with only a 50 per cent chance of making the entire trip. So why demand more proof that we earthlings are heading into disaster? 

Scheer is stirring the pot, trying to get elected by presenting pure unadulterated horse manure.

The Okanagan has already been impacted with extreme snowfalls, droughts, floods, breaking records all generated by greenhouse gases.

Let's do our part. Drive one less trip, saving you money and lowering GHG.

Dale Dirks

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