It's all about winning

While it may be a moot point now, I still feel the need to respond to the idea that a 14-0 trashing is appalling.

The whole point behind playing the game is to score more goals than your opponent. That’s what everybody in the arena is there too see.

It is the point of the game, in other words. In some tournaments, when you get down to the finals, goal differential can become a determining factor. Admittedly, it wasn't in this particular tournament, but the kids playing for Team Canada understood the concept, as did the others.
Expecting the team to lighten up is an insult to the opponent. Easing off the gas is not appreciated, and in fact, no high-level team would hope for mercy.
Lastly, if you really watched that game, there was a very definite point where the boys did slow their strides a bit and many of their shots mysteriously missed their mark.

They did their best to not rub salt in the wound without it being obvious to their opponents that they knew the game was won.

Peter Haslock

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