Priorities mixed up

Ironic, isn’t it, while one in five B.C. seniors are living in unaffordable housing and on the brink of homelessness, Kelowna seniors at legacy Tower were being surprised by eviction notices.

Meanwhile, BC Housing and the John Howard Society choose to continue with their goal of building and giving subsidized housing to drug addicts right next door to the community where I live with my husband and many other seniors. 

Where has common sense gone?

Six thousand seniors are purported to be on the BC Housing wait list for subsidized housing, up 58 per cent in five years. Members of the Ambrosi community have repeatedly suggested that the housing proposed for this area be dedicated to providing affordable housing for seniors, and/or single mothers.

This appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

How can seniors be left to fend for themselves when individuals who do not contribute to society get priority housing?

Geraldine Bush

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