Why Liberals are awesome

Re: Time to turf the Liberals, Nov. 30 by Dona Glosser

It’s nice to see such a passionate Canadian patriot participating in Canada’s democratic process, however misguided and erroneous the rant.

Hamish Marshal, former alt-right Rebel Media alumni and campaign manager for Andrew Scheer once said: “The Conservatives will never win another election unless they can make Canadians angry.” 

A strategy so effective at pitting one Canadian against the other that anger has crept into his own party and split it into two, and yet Andrew Scheer has doubled down on this strategy. I see you too have been moved by it.

Though not perfect, this Liberal administration is enacting broad, well thought out policies to address global climate change. They have enacted a $1.5 billion oceans protection plan, have enacted the at-risk species act, doubled the area of protected lands. The carbon reduction plan will see auto emissions reduced by 50 per cent by 2030, the elimination of coal fired power plants by 2050, and has enacted a carbon tax, as we have already been paying in B.C. for nearly a decade.

Even Mark Cameron, a former policy director for Stephen Harper supports it and calculates that most households will benefit by about $200 per year.

Both major Canadian political parties have subsidized corporate interests to protect Canadian jobs and proprietary technology. I support the continued financial backing for these reasons.

Elected 38 per cent of the time, Conservatives are responsible for 75 per cent of all Canada’s federal government debt, ever. 

Under this Liberal administration, in 2017 our forecast deficit came in $11 billion under estimates, and we are trending to a surplus.

Most media in Canada consist of right-leaning or far-right information sites including, I say graciously, our very own Castanet media.

You obviously don’t realize the federal government has always subsidized the media (CBC). All you have proven is your bias against journalistic integrity.

Trudeau went to great lengths and political peril to save the TMX pipeline after Kinder Morgan announced its intention to abandon the project. Trudeau did approve the pipeline, but some bureaucrats on the NEB left some glaring voids in their environmental and cultural assessments. Voids that lead the presiding judge to deny the continued construction of the pipe.

The Liberals have reopened and staffed the scuttled nine veterans' affairs offices, plus opened an additional office to help with the backlog, and committed $10 billion in new spending. They also restored the lifetime pension. Thank Justin Trudeau for the compassion shown to our proud veterans.

Bill Rice

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