About those Liberals...

Time to turf the Liberals? Not so fast. If you do not like the Liberals, then turf them, but at least in doing so please tell all of the truth.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline was ceased because the NDP government of B.C. was steadfast against it. So now let's blame the Liberals for purchasing the enterprise. Some say $200 million will flow into federal coffers because of this purchase. Not bad returns, in my books.

Then, of course, blame the Liberals for paying $10 million to a terrorist. A Canadian terrorist, too boot. Be assured the federal court required them to do so, and not Justin Trudeau. So get your information straight before pointing fingers.

By the way, how many Canadians are getting the tax-free monthly stipend for their children under 18? Let's stop this nonsense right away, too, and blame the Liberals for this foolish act.  

And now let's point the finger at the Liberals for the carbon tax. Yes it is a tax, but if you use less carbon, you will pay less taxes and by doing so perhaps save the world or at least give our future citizens a better life.

Let's also get rid of the refugees, not the immigrants, because they pay their own way. Please look up the definition of a refugee as opposed to an immigrant and a migrant. I worked it out, costing me about $2.50 per month to help the refugees, and 80 per cent of them find work before the year is up, costing me less money.  

Thirty dollars per year to help my fellow person? Then, of course, the refugees take our jobs. Canada has so many job openings that we cannot fill them. Yet 80 per cent of the refugees find work before the year is up.

Damn Liberals. Spending $600 million over how many years for selected journalists. There is not one MP alive who likes bad press, and I don't like spending my tax dollars on those who support only one party.

Dale Dirks

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