Neighbours demand answer

We residents who will live in close proximity to the proposed supportive housing project on Agassiz Road would like to know the exact definition of "wet facility" and the qualifications of the staff overseeing the site.

We have made numerous requests for this to be explained, from BC Housing, the City of Kelowna – Journey Home, and Interior Health, but have not received anything substantial. We have been told continuously not to worry. This residence will be supervised.

We would like to know:

  • Is this a safe injection site – are needles being supplied and disposed of on site?
  • Will the province be supplying drugs?
  • How is the issue of illegal drugs being addressed? Will the residents be allowed to use street drugs on site?
  • What are the qualifications of the staff at the facility, with both overall supervision and during injection/drug use?

Our understanding is that a "safe injection room" will be used and that residents may also inject within the privacy of their own rooms, with the door open. Is this correct? We are also concerned that this open use of drugs will encourage and attract other homeless to this "safe-haven."

The ramifications need to be fully understood – the impact on our community and in the future, other communities in Kelowna, as additional wet housing projects are planned.

Janet Brooks and Joanna Blacklock, Kelowna

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