Don't cut my trees!

Re: Cutting your Christmas tree

I live in Joe Rich, and every year at this time we get an influx of city visitors heading out into the wilderness to locate and cut their Christmas tree. 

While taking your family out to cut their Christmas tree is a noble tradition, you must be responsible.

Unfortunately, city people seem to think that Joe Rich is the “wilderness” and that somehow private property is the place to cut their tree because it provides easier access for your holiday adventure. It isn’t. 

If you are heading out in your Honda, and don’t want to drive on frozen, unplowed gravel roads, and you decide to cut a tree from my property, or anyone else’s, you are trespassing and stealing.

Please remember, that you cannot cut a tree from a paved road as almost all paved roads border private property and not Crown land, where it is legal to cut a tree with a free licence.

Happy Holidays, get out there and enjoy the season, but please be responsible.

Jamie Hill, Joe Rich

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