Last chance to vote!

I voted in the electoral reform referendum and it was easy. Our kids get more difficult homework from their elementary school.

That's why it is so shocking that the return percentage of ballots remains so low. Why are people waiting? Are we collectively too lazy to pick up a pen and vote for a better world? 

Question 1 - Do you want other people make choices for you or do you want your voice to be heard? Tick. Easy, no matter what your political affiliation is. 

Question 2 - Oh my Goodness! Things I haven't seen before! Do I trust the No side telling me these choices are evil or do I still want my vote to count? Pick literally any one of these, and you can't possibly be worse off.

I put Rural-Urban first because I like that a focus remains on the rural areas of the province where I am from (William's Lake) but also fairly treats the urban area where I live now. Again, this is my best chance for my voice to be heard in a way it isn't now. But any ranking will do. No wrong answers here, folks. 

Get to a Service Canada office and put an envelope with simple, easy markings on it into a box. Get moving, people.

Tom Wharton, New Westminster

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