Not without me there

When you sell your home these days, it is common for the purchasers to get an inspection.

It used to be that your realtor, whom you paid $5,000 to $10,000 to list your house showed up and was present to keep an eye on your property while the inspector, a total stranger to you, and the buyers, usually total strangers to you, wandered through your house.

These days, however, the realtors can’t be bothered to show up, as it's a “waste of their time.” 

I thought that is what we paid them for. No, now they want to let these total strangers wander around in your house with nobody else there. They love to tell you the inspectors are bonded, whatever that means, as the old-fashioned “bonding” doesn’t exist anymore. It usually just means they have insurance and you still have to “prove it” before that kicks in.

What about when the inspector is in the basement or crawl space or on the roof? That gives the buyers full access to and free reign of your house with nobody representing you, the homeowner.

Sure, most people are honest, but some are not.

My wife has had jewelry stolen and our last property sold in one day, yet the listing realtor still couldn’t be bothered to attend the inspection but was still happy to accept the full commission.

Nope, my house, you can bet I’ll be there and shame on those realtors who, in my opinion, don’t do their job.

Ken Quesnel

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