Good, old-fashioned way

I’ll bet you didn’t even know or think the current electoral system was broken, did you?

And if the NDP and Greens hadn’t come up with this referendum, you would think our old system was just fine.

The voter representation legislation is not at all hard to understand.

Hopefully, you have all read the ballot info by now.

John Horgan wants Vancouver and the Island to run the province. Simple.

If you read the examples of the countries that use the proposed systems, they are all small and not extremely diverse. Every one of the examples are the size of Vancouver Island. And I agree a smaller not diverse area would be fine with proportional voting.

What the NDP always forget is that B.C. has 4.8 million people, and about 2 million of us don’t live in the Lower Mainland. We also have vastly different social, employment and climactic and even educational issues than Vancouver. 

Once again, Horgan fails to see the whole province and its unique position, not only in Canada, but the world. 

B.C.  didn’t vote the NDP in, or the Greens, but together they did the typical backroom deal that losers will think up. Don’t let them get their way this time. 

Next election we will sort this mess out – the good, old-fashioned democratic way.

Steve Butler

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