Unfortunate pruning job

In follow up to your article regarding the unethical tree work done at the plaza on Highway 97.

It is very unfotunate that someone made the decsion to do such work, however it is highly unlikely that this will kill the trees in the short term.

The problems associated with doing this to a tree are much worse then an immediate death.

To begin, the cuts made are in locations the tree will be unable to compartmentalize (or seal off). This means potential for decay to set in is greatly increased.

In addition, fast-growing sprouts will form at these locations, which will have a weak attachment, with increased potential to fail as they continue to grow. This work will also increase susceptibility to insect infestation and disease.

This will attract and help to proliferate pest problems and increase the pests' likelihood af causing problems to adjacent healthy trees, kinda like a pest magnet.

It's unfortunate that this type of work continues when knowledge of proper pruning techniques are well documented and scientifically proven to be a more cost effective way of maintaining a healthy tree. If a small tree is what was desired, then species selection should be given greater consideration before planting. 

Personally, I look for the shady spots to park when I go shopping, and a parking area with no trees makes for a parking spot that is much less desirable. Guess I'll be shopping somewhere else. 

Grant J Schlosser,

ISA, Board Certified Master Arborist

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