Vote for change, vote Dyas

We cannot take another four years of 16 per cent tax increases, unprecedented homelessness and crime.  

Transportation gridlock, filth and danger in our parks is unnecessary and unacceptable. 

City Hall costs have escalated, and investment in sustaining our beautiful city has idled.   

Colin Basran has failed leadership 101  He has failed to recognize the critical importance to unite and harness the diverse experience, perspectives and wisdom of his capable council team and consult the public before making major decisions. 

He talks about having to make tough decisions and not everyone will be happy. However, with proper consultation, collaboration and communication, all parties can work together for the best solution. Not a solution that clearly benefits one group or party at the expense of many others. The examples are endless.    

Change has to happen. I will be voting for Tom Dyas, a leader with integrity, experience and track record for fiscal prudence and collaboration.  

Dyas has done more for this city as a community volunteer (Memorial Cup) and passionate advocate (speculation tax, wine industry, homelessness, transportation issues). Kelowna needs his strong collaborative leadership to get things back on track, and I am sure councillors will appreciate working with a mayor who will include all of them and listen to the people of Kelowna.  

His actions speak volumes.

L. Carruthers, Kelowna

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