Tired of the same old

I am so tired of Colin Basran and city council repeating their empty promises over and over again.  

Time to vote out that bunch. I have lived in Kelowna for over 32 years in peace and quiet. Now, in the past four years, since they were elected, this is what I have seen and experienced:

  • More and more homeless people on the streets. Yeah, set up another committee to review what can be done.  Honestly, the stupidity just baffles me. Instead of another committee, get a big broom.
  • Business owners in the downtown area having to put up special gates and worry about vagrants peeing and defecating in their doorways.  
  • Crime has gone up and up in every area, criminals roam around looking for a way to break in.
  • Condos, condos and more condos everywhere, but none affordable for the average worker. 
  • Downtown is a mess with homeless roaming about and shoppers being accosted. You will never catch me downtown again. It is not a safe place to be.
  • They have raised taxes every year, and if you vote in this same mayor and council, you can be sure they will raise them again.
  • Gave themselves nice raises! Where are our raises? Instead of those raises, why didn’t they lower our taxes? Greedy bunch.
  • Deer roaming around our streets and gardens, destroying valuable landscaping.
  • Dirty, filthy, disease spreading rats everywhere. Totally disgusting.
  • Traffic is unbearable. To get over the bridge is a nightmare. 

Kelowna used to be a beautiful town. Now it is a “condo ghetto.” No matter where I go or which corner I turn onto, there is another crane and another condo building going up. How many condos can this town withstand?  And yet, none of these places are affordable for the average worker.  

Basran says they are constructing buildings for the homeless. Where the hell are they? I don’t see any. Time to vote out this mayor and get someone in there without a real estate background. Somebody who can plant a tree instead of digging all the trees up to make room for….what?  Another condo! Why don’t you utilize the agricultural land to put in more orchards instead of encroaching on ALR to build what? Oh, yes, more condos!

Get out there and vote, people. This mayor and his council have done nothing constructive for this town. The only two people on city council worth their salt are Charlie Hodge and Luke Stack. New ideas and a new perspective and people who are trustworthy are needed. 

Somebody, please, clean up this mess!

L. Ross, Kelowna

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