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Once again West Kelowna’s City Council is setting the taxpayers’ up for tax Increases without corresponding benefits! So to pay for a new Civic Center this council is going to raise taxes to buy land and prepay for a Civic Centre they want in a location they believe is sacrosanct to save the community of Westbank. The present generation of taxpayers’ will pay and receive no benefit, as some kind of a machiavellian retribution for rejecting their grandiose plan proposed 3 years ago!

There is a need for many infrastructure improvements in West Kelowna like Rose Valley water treatment plant, surface water drainage, a consolidated City Works Yard, road widening, a second route out of Glenrosa, safe bike lanes and walking paths, sidewalks, and yes a central Civic Centre.

There are several ways to achieve all of these; however this council is penalizing all taxpayers to build one pet project - the Civic Centre. They are acting like spoilt children to get their way. They lack the creative minds to move forward without spending foolishly on another “yes sir” consultant to recommend another over-priced and overbuilt Civic Centre. In the past 5 years, millions of dollars of consultants and staff time has been spent on planning and we have nothing to show for it.

The city owns several sites suitable for a Civic Centre, but no, the site will be a new one purchased in the area twice rejected by the voters and taxpayers.

This council has failed us once again by loading unnecessary costs onto projects, building vanity roads, while failing to fill pot-holes in existing roads, ignoring simple solutions to simple administrative problems and using internally created “public surveys and consultations” designed to yield the desired result favouring this council’s wishes.

Hopefully a group of concerned citizens will step up to stand for election this October to free us of further misuse of our precious tax dollars by sensible planning and decisions based on needs not wants.

Doug Waines

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