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I sat down with three seniors at the Big M at Walmart this past Sunday, I never met them before. They were discussing some world events and made some conclusions.

The Kinder Morgan Pipeline should not happen as it will cost billions to install, maintain and billions more for tankers. The payback for this project may never been seen. The 28 dollar per barrel discount to the US is unbelievably bad business. It may be a good idea to buy cheap oil from Venezuela when that country gets a new Government  and leader,  we would still have oil and gas once the other countries run out. 

We also talked about PM Trudeau appointing Judges to the favour of the Liberals when the election is due, it was also noted that the PM is thinking about an earlier election as the Conservatives are in disarray due to Maxime Bernier's exit from the party. We also agreed that the United Nations is totally useless and should be dissolved. We are concerned that the PM lost a few trade deals to India, the Philippines and China requesting Human Rights con cessations as part of the deals. This should be the responsibility of the United Nations Human Rights division.   

Maybe Canada should be governed by a group of seniors with common sense that is not that common anymore.

Gary West

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