Protest was not for cause

The protesters at the Ribfest event we not there to protest fundraising for JoeAnna’s house in anyway shape or form. In fact, in a video posted by the protesters they clearly state that they are not there to protest that.

What they were protesting is the unimaginable abuse and suffering of the animals that were murdered for that event. They were protesting the irony that its was raising money to help people, or earthlings which we all are, who are suffering and in pain. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s ironic to raise money for one creature who is suffering and in pain while murdering another creature.

They were also protesting the ironic fact that it was raising money for children who suffer from health problems by selling a product that the World Health Organization classifies as a group 1 and 2 cancer causing  carcinogenic

There are ethical ways to raise money for very worth while causes, like the JoeAnna’s house, but killing and cooking animals just isn’t one of them.

Stephen Caddy

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