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Re: “Focus on your recovery,” Sept. 4

Mr. Hergott’s most recent column points out the current limitations of ICBC’s accident benefits program.

But, what he fails to acknowledge is those issues will no longer be a problem with the changes we are introducing at ICBC – changes that will ensure those injured in a crash will be able to truly focus on their rehabilitation and recovery.

First off, the overall limit for medical care and recovery expenses recently increased to $300,000 up from $150,000. These additional funds will now benefit anyone who has been seriously injured as of Jan. 1, 2018.

And more improvements are on their way. Starting April of next year, ICBC will pay more per treatment so customers aren’t left out of pocket. More types of services will be covered, such as kinesiology, acupuncture, counselling and massage therapy. Also, we are consulting with healthcare providers to determine the appropriate amount of pre-authorized treatments so that customers have quick access to the care they need. Other benefits such as wage loss supplements, home support and alternative therapy will also increase significantly. 

But, most importantly, the decisions around which medical providers and the types of treatments used will continue to be made by the customer, and the decisions around that care and number of treatments required will be determined by a medical provider – not by ICBC.

Our new model is focused squarely on our customers and working with them to get the care they need throughout their road to recovery. We are working very hard, including consulting with the medical community, to ensure we meet that expectation by April 2019.

Joanna Linsangan

Media Relations, ICBC

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