Memories across the miles

I am following up a connection between our two countries regarding acts of kindness by Canadian citizens to families in England during the Second World War.

My grandfather died at a very early age as a result of lung disease incurred in his trade as a French polisher, leaving my grandmother a young widow with two daughters aged 10 and six.  

He died shortly after the outbreak of the war.  

My grandmother received parcels from a woman who lived in Kelowna. She and this lady also corresponded, sharing photographs.

I had heard these stories from my mother while I was growing up, and since my mother died in November last year, I have discovered the pictures in an album, complete with a postcard of Kelowna.

I am hoping a descendant of this kind lady might  make contact.

My grandmother lived in High Wycombe in England.

Anna Phillips, U.K.

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