Letter: What About Jobs?

To the editor:

First, thank you Castanet for such an awesome page! I was born and raised in Kelowna, but it's still my hometown, your page helps keep me up-to-date!

So, imagine my surprise when I read that UBC is going to be 'taking over' OUC North Campus with thousands of new spaces for students.

However, what happened to all the information regarding the near-total lack of jobs for people who are new University graduates? Shouldn't the
government be pushing people to go into the trades - where the jobs are?

I took the OUC Cook Training Programme after I graduated from K.S.S. back in '95. A few years later I finished my apprenticeship and became a Journeyman Cook. From my real world experience, if OUC could turn out as many Journeyman Tradespersons as it does University Graduates, then a lot of students would be a lot better off. Many of the Journeypersons I know
finished their education with no student debt AND all walked into a job the day after graduation.

Sounds a lot better than finishing school with no job, a mountain of debt, and no real knowledge of the world because they've been going to school since kindergarten!

-CD Tindall

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