Mind your backyard

How is it that our government is so quick to criticize and push its so-called values onto other countries, yet can’t deal with their own backyard?

They criticize the culture of another country and push our views of human rights onto them, yet we have some of the weakest penalties for serious crimes in the world.

I wonder how we would feel in Canada if another country told us we have weak penalties and should institute the death penility for murders, as they do in their country?

We preach about climate change and greenhouse gasses to other countries, and then buy a pipeline to transport some of the dirtiest oil there is, which will more than triple its output, but then we don’t want to talk about that part.

We criticize other countries for their immigration policies, and open our borders, allowing a flood of illegal immigrants without any plan or provision to deal with them, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, but we sure showed them.

No, it appears to me our government cares about just about everything else but its own backyard, and yet somehow still criticizes our southern neighbors (the popular thing to do) because their leader does care about his backyard.

Is that not what a good leader is “supposed” to do?

Ken Quesnel

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