Don't blow off bus need

Greyhound Canada’s decision to cut services in Western Canada this fall will have a major impact on many rural Albertans, contrary to what Lee Harding wrote in his recent opinion piece, Gov't should get off the bus.

Many Albertans – particularly those living in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities, rely on the Greyhound bus service to get to necessary medical appointments or visit family and friends.

Harding offers no evidence that only a few people take the bus in Alberta, and then insults them by saying they “squawk” loudly. We have heard from many Albertans who depend on regional bus services.

Alberta Transportation is pleased to see private operators already entering some routes that will be vacated by Greyhound. An example of this is how Northern Express is providing service between Edmonton and Grande Prairie.

Where some routes are unprofitable but a demonstrated need exists, Alberta Transportation will consider working with local municipalities to fill the gap. This could be through an extension of our Rural Transit Pilot Program, an initiative that has received excellent reviews from municipal leaders all over the province.

As always, we’ll find a made-in-Alberta solution that is both fiscally responsible and does not leave Albertans on the side of the road.

Brian Mason, Alberta Minister of Transportation

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