Solution for dog beaches

Large, intimidating dogs are illegally being taken by their owners to city beaches (where they're not allowed) in order to cool the dogs in the summer heat. 

There's a dog beach at Lake Avenue Park (just south of the bridge) and then 11.5 kilometres south to the next one at Cedar Beach. 

That's obviously too far between dog beaches.

The solution: convert Meikle Avenue beach access into a small off-leash dog park. 

The city already owns it and the house to the north. It's partway between those other dog beaches, in the densely populated South Pandosy area. 

The rocky shore results in almost no use by people, so there would be no displacement of users. 

The properties on both sides are virtually inaccessible from the lake by dogs. Both sides of the park are already fenced. There's parking available there and nearby. 

All that's necessary to convert it would be one fence with a gate, and some signs.

Afons Janusas

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