Unfair tickets at KGH

I was recently parked at KGH near the ER entrance. I was taking my father in as he was unable to drive/walk unassisted.

I came out an hour later to find an Impark employee putting a ticket on my windshield for expired time.

There were no notices of time allowances, and I did not have time to walk around the lot looking for them – we were visiting the Emergency department.

After talking with the ticketing person, I had to walk two spaces up to see one little sign on the wall referring to time limits.

Most people taking people to the Emergency ward don't have the time to look around for signage, and as my father was unable to get into the ER unaided and there is gross understaffing in the hospital at the best of times, I felt it was necessary to stay with him.

If the hospital wants to collect parking money, it should either install meters or post signs where they can be easily read by people parking in Emergency.

Dawn Gibson

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