Who's deranged now?

Re: Trump haters 'deranged'

While I value Mr. Novak's opinion and voice, along with any other that makes me think more critically and persuades me to evaluate my opinions on any given topic and doesn’t cross into the category of extremism, I must also ask he take a step back, momentarily. 

I appreciate his research to find the good things that Trump has done in America. The list is comprehensive and makes a valid point. There are, I am fine with admitting, subjects and situations the president has had great success with. For example, the U.S. economy does seem to be doing moderately better than in recent years (although not at its best point in history, as Trump has claimed). He even recently supported a ban on releasing blueprints of 3D printable plastic guns – actually pretty awesome.

But what I’d like everyone to consider is at what cost these changes are coming, and, does the good really outweigh all the problems he has created in the meantime?

We on the left don’t believe he should be removed from power simply because he is white, Christian, heterosexual, conservative, and male. Many of us believe he should be removed because he has shown that he is not fit to run a country, because he has incited violence against minorities, because he has mocked those with disabilities, because he almost started a nuclear war with North Korea, because there are indications of Russian collusion, because he is sexist and wants to take rights away from women, because he has separated children from their families, because he is suppressing the media for not supporting him, because he is a hypocrite, because he used money to cover up his infidelity and lied about not knowing about it, because he doesn’t want to allow thousands of transgender soldiers to serve their country.

These aren’t reasonless points, nor do they focus on superficial emotions. Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and we should not have to defend him for being crass, or tweeting “questionable stuff.” 

Novak calls left-leaning folks deranged, gullible, and even foaming at the mouth. After reading his angry letter, I can picture him as just the same.

Janie Leslie

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