Get your priorities right

In the midst of a global trade war that isn't exactly going that great for us, our foreign minister decides to take a run at Saudi Arabia. 

Nice timing with massive military contracts pending.

Who exactly do we think we are? I certainly don't remember when the world invited us to be the "poster child for all that is perfect."

Hey, federal government, let's look in our own backyard. We have lots of issues here in Canada.

The arrest and detainment of activists in a country 12,000 kilometres away is not our business. Looking after the 36,000,000 living here is.

Opioid crisis, homelessness, Illegal immigrants walking across our border, horrid poverty on northern native reserves, 900,000 people a month at food banks across Canada, one-third children and youth. 

Seniors and hard-working every day Canadians are struggling to get by.

Ken Warren

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